Medi-Cure Treatments

Medi-Cure treatments target specific areas. We recommend 3-6 treatments; one every 10-14 days with a review after the 3rd treatment, typically decreasing to one treatment every month thereafter.

Treatment Areas

It is possible to treat this unattractive skin condition cosmetically. This is done by shooting a controlled light pulse onto the affected area. The light pulse is absorbed in the dark-red, oxygen-rich blood of the vessel by the haemoglobin and converted into heat. This causes a sudden heating of the vessel, which clots the blood and “welds” the vessel shut. The body’s lymphatic system breaks down the coagulated blood into its constituent parts and transports them away naturally.

Treating acne with IPL or IPL/RF technology is all about fighting the propioni bacteria that cause the inflammation and reducing the size of the sebaceous glands and the quantity of sebum they produce. Porphyrins (naturally occurring molecules in the inflamed acne) absorb light in the blue wavelength spectrum. When porphyrins absorb light in this wavelength spectrum, heat is produced. The photothermal process releases chemical substances that are able to selectively destroy the propioni bacterium.

Benign skin pigmentations can be treated very efficiently using IPL or IPL/RF technology.This involves exposing excessive pigments to highly energetic intensive pulsed light. The light is absorbed by the melanin (the dark skin pigment in the skin) and converted into heat.The surrounding tissue is neither heated nor destroyed. The conversion of energy into heat causes the pigment to clot; the melanin flocculates and is “drawn” to the epidermis. The pigment change is shed bit by bit in the form of tiny skin flakes.

Before & After



Small – 10 mins – individual / 1-2 areas – £30
Medium – 20 mins – 2-3 areas (1/2 face) – £60
Large – 30 mins – Full face/legs – £90

Please note a free patch test will need to be booked in prior to treatment.