Nutrition Clinic

Healthy eating, diet plan , nutritionist TruroNo.3 Lemon Street offers a clinic each Thursday with Fitness Consultant and Nutritionist Charmaine Cameron-Webb.

Charmaine specialises in weight loss and has spent the last 15 years helping hundreds of people lose weight and get really fit. She would like to use that success to focus on those who really struggle to lose weight, due to habits, circumstances and environment. Charmaine carries the following credentials:

  • Precision Nutrition Coach:  Qualified to make nutritional recommendations, create meal plans and evaluate and assess the dietary needs of any individual.
  • Master Trainer:  Charmaine can create and deliver effective exercise programs using a myriad of methods and achieves this in the following ways:
    • Personal training programs for weight loss
    • Group Fitness classes

    Both these methods support the weight loss goals of someone who may struggle to exercise on their own.

  • Metabolic testing and body composition analysis (Total Body Analysis) using INBODY technology.
  • Personalised Nutrition coaching and meal plans
  • Total weight loss packages.

You can choose from any of these three options or combine them.  Most people opt for a total body analysis followed up by a Nutrition plan. Charmaine then uses the information gained from the analysis as a basis for creating the nutrition plan.

Metabolic Testing & Body Composition Analysis £69.00
Knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate is VITAL if you are going to succeed in your weight loss journey. At Your Ideal Body, we have a Medically approved metabolic and body composition analyser, which can give an exact breakdown of RMR (resting metabolic rate), bone, fat, lean muscle and water.
The test is quick and non-invasive and an appointment takes 50 minutes.

Bespoke Nutrition & Coaching Meal Plan £125.00
This is a 12-week program that is totally individual to you, the client. You will be required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire and based on your answers to these questions I will create a nutrition plan incorporating recipes, snacks and foods that you enjoy and will make your journey to weight loss pleasurable.

Your Ideal Body Weight Loss Package £664
This is a 12-week total body weight loss strategy, designed for those who need a bit more support and guidance. It includes:

  • Total Body Analysis
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan
  • 3-month membership to Stringer’s Gym (access to all the classes and gym)
  • Weekly PT session with Charmaine

For further information contact Charmaine on (01872) 4902023 / 07752253908 /